Friday , June 18 2021

"There was a forced resignation due to the lack of support from the Minister of Health,

Several months after arriving at the Ministry of Health, Anna Maria San Martin was slowly performing the National Preventive Plan as the head of the HIV epidemic program of the Ministry of Health and identified cases.

Journalist, active and author AIDS in Chile, fragments, Victor Hugo RoblesHe said: 360 ° what "this is a forced resignation Due to lack of political support from the Minister of Health, Adviser, and consultant Dr. Carlos Beltran and journalist Alejandro Houston, responsible for conflict resolution.

In addition, he is the Minister of Education, Marcela Cubillos, which can be said on the subject because, in his opinion, "The lack of sexual education in Chile is a major cause of HIV growth".

"Marcela Cubillos was very interested in a safe audience, and we did not listen to her after talking about safe sex and HIV prevention in a minute," said a journalist, "the Christian and Political Ideology of the Right to Increase HIV."

However, he said that "this is not a question not only of President Pinar, but also for former governments."

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In addition, a 360 ° health consultant, Paula Daza, Due to the increase in HIV cases "Risk Reduction Decrease" Robles Statement Disagree:

"It's very unfair to say that the young people have lost their attitude toward risk. there is no public policy at the expense of this risk«

According to the journalist who downgraded the suspicion, "state, state policy and power".

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