Monday , June 5 2023

They appeal to 13 doctors for misuse of medical drugs


Healthcare Adviser Paula Daza and National Director of Phonasso Marcelo Mosso will appeal to 13 doctors this Friday to help prevent misuse of medicines.

According to La Trier, the injured surgeon and 12 surgeons have more than 3,000 permits for less than a year.

These specialists coincide with Coquimbo, Metropolitana, Valparaiso, Higgins, Los Lagos and Antofagasta regions, which have been issued from 3,410 to 5,734 licenses within 12 months.

The preliminary investigation comes as the Prosecutor's Office of the Center has made a prediction about the harmful use of permits included in the Law on the Application and Transfer of Medical Limits in 20855.

According to Paula Daza, "we will file this complaint because it gives us much strength, not just complaints, such as questioning or questioning copies of the investigation record."

In his turn, Marcelo Mosso, "Medical Recreation – Right to Restore Workers' Health; so it is important to use it efficiently. In the case of phonas it also causes fiscal economic consequences, so they stop the important advantage of health. "

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