Tuesday , September 28 2021

They assert that Kika Silva and Pangal Andrade are "exceptional friends": "There are good vibts" | Television and Shows

The novel's novel in the Creole is strong. These are "special friends", Kika Silva and Pangea Andrade.

Let's remind you that both are in the following truth Winner He is a KVN driver and trainer of Penzol.

La Quarte said that it was in the program Violators they say that they will last for a month and even marry.

In this connection, Catalina Pulidi always said something in between and seeing them as "they know each other very well."

On the other hand, Natalia Chlityt explained her opinion and said that she believed her media strategy only attracting viewers' attention when reality begins.

But Roberto Van Kausler was unable to remain silent, and when she heard about it, she knew that she was "special friends" because she considered her a friend of Kikad, it does not do anything to draw attention to the media.

But not all that, Roberto said, "My friend, Kika Silva and Pangala, also want to be well off, because there are good moods. I try to deceive the program rather than deceive my friend. "

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