Friday , August 19 2022

They continue and oversee the riots in the army: Officials charged with tax fraud have risen


Captain Raphael Harvey Valdez filed a suit for the protection claim filed by the Promoter for the "illegal and forced labor" of the Promotion Offices. At least three cases of the army are: "There is no information in the agency when processing these shares."

The report, sent to the Santiago Court of Appeals, confirmed that the army has increased its rank of officials responsible for tax fraud.

This new offense is commonly known when it is in the middle of a dispute over the Army Warachts case and through a filtered voice of commander General Ricardo Martinez Manantua at the moment. He sold weapons to drug dealers.

11-page army document, Chief of staff of Surgeate Staff General Command General Staff Alejandro Villagra Ramirez, Captain Rafael Harvey Valdes, "Illegal and ineligent action".

An alleged "corruption protection line" in the military facility was sent to the Appeal Board of the Chilean Army Officers and General Daniel Daniel Gonzalez.

The Army Responds La Tertrer: "According to the advertisement of officials responsible for tax fraud, there is no information in the institutional body responsible for the procedure for processing these shares. This is clearly a procedural situation in which these people were transferred to the Santiago Court of Appeal".

According to the document, on January 1, 2011 police colonel Nelson Cantilan was charged with embezzling 44 million pesos for fraudulent treason during his promotion.

Other incidents The events of former First King Herbertto Cortez, who had been in pre-trial detention for more than $ 250 million in fraud since January 1, 2015; and second sergeant Jacqueline Karrasko, who was involved in two murders that link Milikogat to the bulletin.

The army document also involved Police Colonel Raphael Willarroloz Opazo, who started on December 1, 2014, but the prosecutor's office was abolished. Villarroel Opazo – former DINA agent, former director of a retired military school following opposition to convicted Miguel Krasnov.

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