Monday , November 30 2020

They find the hidden area in the human brain

The human brain Still amazing. A cartridge of this human body has been recently discovered new brain area I invite him The core nucleus of the endocell, this disease was made by Neurra Research (Australia) Professor of Neuroscience Research George Pacinsos (NeuRA).

Professor Pacinsos has questioned the existence of the Endorestiform Nucleus 30 years ago, but now he has been able to see it through good painting and drawing techniques. When commenting on this discovery, Professor Paxinos says it is like a new star.

"The region It looks like the Rezian monkey does not exist in other animals we have studied, "says Professor Paksinos," this region makes the brain more unique to humans. "

The endobestic nucleus is located in the lower horned pedicle that combines sensory and motor information to improve our state, balance and tiny motions.

"I can only guess its function, but it can be involved in controlling the part of the brain it has found. small motor"says Professor Paksinos.

The professor who made the research.

The opening of the region will help the researchers to cure them for such diseases Parkinson's disease and motor neuronal diseases.

Neurosurgeons studying neurological or psychiatric diseases use a teacher's card Paxinos Point out your work. Professor Paksinos cerebral atlas is the most accurate detection of brain structures and is used in neurosurgery.

The most comprehensive understanding of architecture and nervous system communication has been the dominant factor in the most recent neurological developments over the last 100 years.

The atlas made by experts.

"Prof. Paksinos has detailed morphology and contacts atlases human brain and spinal cord provide a critical basis for researchers to evaluate the hypothesis for the treatment of synaptic function brain diseases"said Peter Schoffield, executive director of NeuRA.

"It is a great honor for Elsevier to continue with the publication of Professor Paksinos," says Natalie Farra, chief editor of Elsevier. His books have been recognized worldwide for the experience and benefits of brain mapping and for the contribution to our structure, function and our understanding brain development«

Professor Pacinsos is the author of the most-popular neuro-science and 52,000 high-grade maps. Maps tracks the course of research in the field of neurosurgery and neurology, which provides the possibility of treatment, exploration, detection and development of brain disorders and disorders.

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