Tuesday , June 6 2023

They find the planet outside the solar system with water in the atmosphere – Tagam


Despite the adventure of some of the pleasant planets, existing technology does not allow the existence of life on the surface.

The Kek Observatory Scientists have discovered the atmosphere's reflective light that is reflected in the study and analysis of the biological images obtained in 2008 in the Astronomical Magazine located close to the inactive Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii.

The proportion of gases hopes for life on this planet, but many factors, such as temperature, dance, are still unknown.

The HR8799 star-shaped organ system, located in the Pegasus collection, consists primarily of four HR-planets, including HR8799c.

The NASA Astronomer Dmitry Mawette and author of the researcher explained that the combination of adaptive optics in telescopes was used to correlate the effects of the Earth's atmosphere on the cloud and the equipment that analyzed the equipment together with spectrometers. easy access.

"This type of technology means that we will use the search for life signs on the planet Earth in the future. We did not achieve this goal, but we are moving in this direction, "said Mawett.

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