Friday , June 9 2023

They show that Movistar is sold in Mexico


We have heard about Movistar's long-awaited sale of Mexico to another telecommunications company, Last year Sprint was releasedIs one of the four main operators in the United States, but new information shows that Movistar México does not sell it to a telecommunications company, but indicates that sales are about to end.

According to economist, as well as in economic press and Spain-Brazil telecommunications information, Telefónica's shareholders have allowed part-time sales to Mexico's and Central America's Movistar to Cerberus Capital in October last year.

Netflix will be available to Movistar users in Mexico for free

What is Cerberus Capital?

Cerberus Capital is a United States private investment fund worth $ 30 billion and, if purchased, is a part of the telecommunications market.

Telefonica Movistar sold around 40% of Mexico to Cerberus, Amounting to 2 billion euros, was enough to pay off the Spanish debt to Mexico and Central America. However, I believe that 40% of Movistar Central America will be sold to the Tigo telecommunications operator, part of Millicom International Cellular.

What happens to the Mexican Movistar?

Since the company is 100% sold in Mexico, the company will continue to operate in the country as of today. There may be changes in the offer or new business, for example, as a stream Movistar + It is one of the major transit services in Spain and is about to arrive in Mexico soon.

Remind that, Movistar has also announced the growth of its customers, but has still notified the operator of the loss in Mexico, so Cerberus will strive to strengthen its brand in the country as Movistar also needs to continue to invest in improving the network. Telcel and the Spanish operator AT & T will gain significant advantages, so Sales of Cerberus will soon increase significantly for Movistar in Mexico.

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