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They suggest that the Milky Way can hold new planets outside the orbit


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Updated 11/12/2018 – 09:14 AM

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London, 11/12/2018 (The People Online) – A group of scientists has discovered that there will be two floating planets on the Slock, not being any star.

According to scientists, the Galaxy Galaxy, known as the galactic galaxy, resides Neptune to the planet, and the galaxy itself can be another planet with a mass similar to the Earth. However, given the difficulty of star-bearing stars, it is unclear how large the planet really is.

Research suggests that smaller planets have become more popular in the Milky Way than stars.

Finding Planets that do not turn into orbit around the star is a challenging task because the discovery of exoplanets is largely based on the change in the brightness that passes before their star. Using gravitational microparticles to detect planets without deviating from stars' cracks.

Although the existence of two planets has not been proven yet, researchers agree with the predictive theory of planets.

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