Sunday , April 2 2023

Three or more fried egg meals a week increases the risk of premature death Figure 1 of 1 | Science


How bad is it to eat fried eggs every day? According to a recent study Northwestern UniversityFeeding three or more eggs a week increases the risk of heart disease and premature death.

"Egg, especially yolk, is a major source of cholesterol in the diet," he says. Victor JongIs a leading researcher and researcher at the Preventive Medicine Department at the Heinzberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University in Chicago.

In a study published in JAMA's Medical Journal this Friday, a large fried egg shows about 186 mg of cholesterol.

The study collected an average of 29,000 people aged 17.5 years on average. In the subsequent period, the total number of cardiovascular events was 5,400, including 1,302 deaths and non-lethal strokes, 1897 deaths and deaths from cardiovascular events and 113 deaths from heart disease.

The analysis shows that the consumption of dietary cholesterol more than 300 mg per day depends on the risk of increased risk of heart disease by 3.2% and high risk of early deaths by 4.4%.

In addition, every additional 24-hour egg was associated with high risk of cardiovascular disease by 1.1% and 1.9% higher risk of preterm deaths.

For Zhong and its authors, these findings illustrate the importance of restricting the consumption of cholesterol-rich foods.

"These results should be taken into account when developing guidelines and dietary updates," he said.


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