Monday , September 27 2021

Three years after fighting with China Puffita, Suarez said: "This woman has been opposed to another woman" Television and Shows

One of my favorite controversies, Benjamin Vicunya and Carolina Pampita Ardoghain, was in 2015.

All of the above argued that Argentine María had discovered an ex-partner with Evgenián Suárez, who had been sexually assaulted when it was said that he was ridiculous.

Three years after the discussion, China Suárez He broke the silence on this Argentinean La Nación portal.

After asking whether the actress is a feminist, the actress found out that the model was not terrible in the conflict because most of them were scattered one to another.

"In my case, it was different because of the violence against another woman", Started Suarez and then began defending his position against the mistrust of the unbelievers.

"False, it's a lie. This is for the rest of my life. But, in time, it seems to me that I have a good conscience, and I am happy that everyone knows that Benjamin is divorced, and he is so sorry to say so much. . These are really the "he said.

Finally, the wound heals, the actress has shown through time that yes. "There are things I do not like and they made me very sad. Especially because they all know that they are separate. And many other versions have been agreed. He said that he was separated and that he lived in another apartment. I thought it was unfair. But it is over. We have a beautiful girl. The family gathered. I love my kids, I love them very much and I cure them from my own place,he said.

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