Saturday , June 19 2021

To create Flutter, cross-platform applications, Google basics reaches 1.0

A few months ago, we talked about the first beta version of Flutter, about the basics of Google's creation of a record-breaking application with Android and iOS. Time passes quickly and technically The flute is beta and has its first regular version: Flutter 1.0.

Flutter's condition is similar to other similar structures: its identical codeto create local applications they look great and work well on Android and iOS. Flutter is the fastest point.

Be prepared for the public

How it would be otherwise, this event was made during the "Flutter" event in London. After the first beta version of Flutter, Google, thousands of applications made with this technology They are also available in Google Play and App Store, which checks the performance of the open source. Google, in turn, uses Flutter in its official Google Ads application. This video shows some programs that were created with Flutter.

Flutter 1.0 supports approximately 20 new Firebase services, improves application performance, minimizes application size, and usually more stable and fewer mistakes.

As always, you can Flutter download Official site for Windows, Mac and Linux. The SDK receives about 400 MB and can be used in IntelliJ / Android Studio or Visual Studio Code. The official version is updated separately for beta, pc and master versions.

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