Monday , September 27 2021

Tonka Tomicic Goes To Brazil For New Year's Eve: Greeting card with small and sleek bikini | Social networks

For many people it was fun to see Tonka Tomicic as a leader every week Welcome 13 channels.

Especially because he is a loyal friend Martin Carmobile he is on vacation for two weeks. It should be noted that at the same time it is rare, but it happened on Monday.

Because? He took the tonka bags and searched the tropical heat on Brazilian beaches. So, at least, the driver looked great and smiled and left some open cards that checked his colleagues and friends in that country.

Tomisic has written to one of his colleagues that he chose Rio de Janeiro to make this new year, and on weekends, they were on the weekend of Angra dos Reyes in the southwest of Rio de Janeiro.

In one of the pictures shared with the communicator, he is engaged in small, but sophisticated black bikinis with yachts and two friends in the marine environment.

Tonka Tomicic | Instagram

Tonka Tomicic | Instagram

The card reads about 72,000 "likes" and thousands of comments, praising its figure, and also delivering good wishes to 2019.What a great way tonka is"; «Linda Tonka Congratulations on this year and you will enjoy many blessings!"; «Bring back what you have done"; «How beautiful! Great 2019!"; «Pretty Tonka with New Year!", Received some messages.

Later, he shared another photo where he thanked his followers for a good year, wearing a red suit and yacht.

Tonka Tomicic | Instagram

Tonka Tomicic | Instagram

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