Monday , September 27 2021

Trolleybus Arturo Vidal became a victim of a team in Barcelona

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Pau Barrena Agence France-Presse

Arturo Vidal Enjoy your last few days in Chile after returning to Barcelona. The midfielder has secured the winter stops of Spanish football during our holidays in our country and Artur Arthur has reached them.

Vidal, a regular user of social networking sites, uploaded his Instagram account to his horse-drawn photos, played with friends, and played in the swimming pool in the Higgins area.

This is the latest edition of La Liga de España, one of Barcelona's colleagues, the midfielder had a chance to break.


Jerar Pike, A defender of the Catalan club and Spain, who was loyal to him "Breathe, Arturo …", Chile took a picture of her.

The comment is filled with reactions, many of them laugh at the trolling of the Spaniards and other Violinists.

In the sport, Barcelona returns to court Sunday, January 6 When you go Getafe, At 16:45, on the eighth day of the La Liga valid duel.

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