Saturday , June 3 2023

U. de Concepción reported that two of his players were traffic accidents


Made a sad news University of Concepcion Once you've informed about this on your own website two of his two players have been involved in a road accident this Tuesday.

About this Luis Rivera and Guillermo Pacqueco, which collided with another car on the road to Bo Bio.

However, in order to keep their families and club calm, none of them suffered serious injuries.

On the other hand, a collision vehicle driver, His buttocks were injured, but nothing was important.


The University of Concepcion Sports Club reports that on Tuesday, November 20, daily professional soccer players Luis Rivers and Guillermo Pacqueco suffered from a car crash, which was the third of the last cars and cars.

The driver of the truck was injured in his face. These players have continued their normal training today and have come to the coaching staff on an important match against San Luis de Quillota-San Luis de Quillota on Sunday, 25th.

We appreciate the alerts for our players' health and advice.

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