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Under the guise of Pinheera Bachet, accuses her of "causing concern over migration" and she orders that | National

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Signed by the President signed this Saturday morning Sebastián Piñera, which over the past few days has been resolved by migrating to Chile, after the signing of the UN Migration Pact.

In this respect, at the beginning of his second term, the President "reflected the migration situation in Chile Concerned ".

"In the new public administration, about 700,000 people entered Chile as tourists, hundreds of thousands, or human trafficking, "Pinera said in a statement.

On the way, he showed up in Chile on March 11 of that year More than 250,000 permanent migrants.

"The Chilean immigration authorities have a lot to do 45 thousand false documents; while immigration procedures were an average of 9 hours. The migrants were forced to make long and inexhaustible waiting times for their own procedures. This is no doubt he was known by the former government ", he was convicted.

In the statement, the President encourages his government to migrate until "safe, disciplined and stable"; and only those who are looking for good opportunities in the law will open the door, but not for "those who try to enter into a country that is causing harm to us like criminals, organized crime, drug trafficking, or trafficking in persons".

"(…) Each country is clearly recognized by the United Nations Human Rights Committee, which is a migrant worker and in which case he / she may enter his / her territory," he said.

«Ordering our home»

In his letter, Piñera has set "discipline" by means of an extreme procedure of systematic migration, with the exception of criminal records registered for more than 155,000 migrants for past reasons.

"We have removed a temporary visa for 45,000 forged reasons. We have issued new visas, for example, the Democratic Responsibility Visa for Venezuela, a Study Visa, and a humanitarian visa for a Haiti family, "he explained.

Commenting on various criticisms from various agencies, Pinera noted that "Chile's way of regulating or migrating its migration policy is internal and is not part of the state's foreign policy."

For example, he said: "We have never consulted, and we do not agree with the migration policy of the former government which did not hamper massive illegal immigration to Chile," he said.

Finally, in connection with international agreements that did not take place in Chile, for example, on the Marrakesh Resettlement Pact – "For the reasons mentioned above and thoroughly and thoroughly analyzed, I can not support the text, in my opinion, and Chile's interests (…) that hinders our borders and limits our sovereignty to decide on migration for the benefit of all Chilean people. "

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