Saturday , January 28 2023

Unni Riesselberger and Mackay are in charge of the UII


After leaving Jacqueline van Rysselberghe to visit Jar Bolsonario Senator was criticized by the Mahogany and Homophobic Statement of the current president elected in Brazil.

After this episode, he asked Van Rysselberg to serve the party direction Javier Maclay Member of the Parliament tries to resist the control of the NDI in the elections held at these elections December 2.

Senator Jacqueline Van Risselberg as the election campaign "It separates the UDI and the directive"To prevent the adoption of decisions between the four counties of the Congress and for the active involvement of all party groups in politics.

Van Riesselberg considers the senators as vice presidents Eden lung, To the deputy Juan Manu Fengzalida, Vitacura Advisor Patricia Alessandria and a Simon Yavens Flores. The Secretary General will be Mayor of Los Alamos, Jorge Fuentes, prosecretariat Mario Varela I would be treasurer Alvaro Lavin, The core of the Santiago flow.

In turn, Javier Macia was registered as vice presidents Patricio Melero, deputy María José Hoffmann, President of the bio-nucleus Флора Вейсс, Mayor Ercilla José Vilugrón and one of the founders of UDI: Florid Pinto. The deputy in the general secretariat Juan Antonio Coloma, the secretary position is integrated through the Santiago Kernel Cristián Labbé the treasurer Lo-Barnesia's advisor, Paula Phillips.

The names of those who make lists according to the basis of the election domestic elections You can register before Friday November 16.

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