Tuesday , June 6 2023

Updated Arturo Vidal 2.0. Barcelona has confidence: "He is doing good to all, he is a jocker"


Arturo Vidal started in Barcelona hard. What will he do to adapt to his Catalonian club and what are the leaders of Ernesto Valverde today?

Newspaper Country He made Chile's profile, and this weekend, he thought, could be a fire test against Atlético de Madrid, and his image expanded a bit. «His scenes came out at Camp Nou because he tried to show his football before his video,"He wrote.

«There was too much to do with the vodka. He began with a curve of gestures instead of just like Athletic in the fight against Massey, which had not been settled before giving her a discount. He continued to complain about social networks, after the victory of the team against Thatchém, when he was on the stage and frustrated with emotionally charged emotions,they said.

They then "& # 39; Vidal is wrong on the roads, but 31-year-olds are proud of winning everything … He also came to get his race, character and competitiveness rather than creating watercolors, he justified himself, and decided to pay attention to him in his inner doors«

«They called it from the technical secretariat and reminded them that it is difficult to play in Barca, as the team was created and must have endurance. "He admitted his mistake," says Sports City. "Besides other things, because it looks like a wolf, because it's an outward appearance, it's a good kid." What they saw in the dressing room was: "He's in good relationship with all people, he's a ghoker. From the very beginning, as it is in some other excellent teams,"He said.

They also "He assured Messi, Piku, and Suarez that he would make a video for his son, Kopihu de Orodo, to award Chile's La Cuarta vote. Parks play with Alba and Munir. But few have the courage to sabotage them. "Lover is terrified …", they are jokes«

"The sports ground alert appears to have been made in a personal interview with technician Valverde in any case. "Although he has an open code on his conduct, he has changed his point of view," he said, knowing how much he needed, "says Camp Nou's office, knowing that he needs muscle and travel. Duets of struggle, for example, are felt in front of an athlete"He says.

Of course, Vidal changes Barcelona's life.

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