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US consumers are opposed to cold and long lines to buy on Black Friday


On Thanksgiving Day, at 17:00 local time, consumers spent $ 1.750 million on online purchases.

US consumers have enjoyed a great deal of discount on clothing and electronics on Friday, taking advantage of the Black Friday sales for a long time in commercial stores.

This economical economy and high salaries provided evidence that would allow the costs of the start of the festive sales season at the end of the year.

"I spend a lot of money and the overall mood is good," says 57-year-old Sharon Neidert from Ohio, NY. "My daughter moved out this year, so I have a lot of money," says software manager Niderert.

Black Friday, which is one of the most important trading days of the year in the United States, marks the beginning of the trade season, which is dependent on retail stores and is closely watched by analysts and economists. consultations on the strength of the retail sector and the economy as a whole.

For GlobalData Retail company Neil Saunders, it started well. "More people purchased this year, and their average costs are high," he said. The average cost was $ 407.20, an increase of 2.1% over the previous year.

One of the questions facing investors in the last week of 2018 is that the US economy is in the last part of the past cycle of tax exemption, but it will have difficulties, including price increases. interest rates, trade and credit issues with China.

Strong and reliable customer can delay or reduce any weakness.

Buyers have bought expensive products at Target Corp, such as TVs, iPads, and Apple Clocks, while Walmart Inc. has the best selling items – phones, toys, video game consoles, and tableware.

On Thanksgiving day, at 17:00 local time, consumers spent $ 1.750 million on online purchases, an increase of 28.6% over the previous year, which was due to the sale of advanced phones, writes Adobe Analytics. Tracking over 80 of 100 best online stores in the United States.

Consumers in San Francisco have acquired more than 2.3 million online transactions, over 954,000 in New York, over 415,000 in Dallas, and over 389,000 in Houston. it collects data from about a million American stores.

Electronic vendors, such as Best Buy Co Inc., have registered the largest number of transactions, such as Macy's Inc., according to AdobeAnalytics data.

The Retail Retail Federation of the United States in November and December last year sold retail sales of 4.3% to 4.8% by 2017, totaling $ 717.450 million. And USD 720,890 million. This is 3.9% more than the average annual growth rate over the past five years.

About 38% of US consumers are planning to buy in November this year, and sixteen out of six believed they would do at least half of their weekend, Reuters reported last week. Ipsos.


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