Monday , June 14 2021

Wall Street in the United States is afraid of falling fast, with 3%

Little and nothing has been continuing for optimism that has opened global markets for months, followed by three major Wall Street ratings of over 3%.

Treasury Treasury's Treasury Debt Restructuring For the first time in more than a decade, treasury recovery will nourish investors, as it usually predicts a downturn in 2006 before the US financial crisis. .

In particular, this means that short-term earnings are higher than long-term.

Currently, the curve showing the difference between the Treasury bonds yields varies between two and five years on the negative territory, as well as between the three and five-year bonds (see infographics).

However, this short-term bond line, two-year and long-term, will always attract analysts.

In this case, he still does not collect 11.68 points, but the current level is half the situation that was observed one week ago and starting from 54 points. This year has started.

In this regard, Nasdaq, which introduced last month's adjustments, dropped 3.8% last night, with S & P 500 dropping 3.2%, Dow Jones by 3.1%.

Chick Carlson, director general of Horizon Investment Services, said in an interview with Reuters: "What does this yield curve and economy mean?" "This is the initiator of the recession," he said.

However, there are some who try to put on the cold cloth. Catherine Rooney, director of the Bulltick Capital Markets macroeconomic strategy, said in a statement to PULSO that despite the change in the curve of long-term and short-term bonds, this does not mean "recession" because this step will be "very timely".

More alarming

In this regard, he believes that investors' moods are a few other things to do. "Theresa May lost support in Brezil's; Donald Trump's major economic advisor,

Larry Northlo says he still does not agree with China; The members of the Federal Committee have voted to raise the fare and say that the curve will not help, "Rooney said.

Indeed, while the loss of the rest of the Atlantic in the old continent is much more limited (-0.8%, Euro Stoxx), the divorce process between the United Kingdom and the EU continues uncertainty.

In the first five days of the debate in the British parliament, Breck's supporters and criminals did not agree with a divorce plan agreed upon by Brussels, which broke out in May as prime minister.

On the other hand, among the New York investors, Larry Hadlow, who had a "commitment" with Beijing the same day, was "predictable", which was interpreted as a little optimistic shade, previously shown in the White House.

Then President of the United States, Donald Tram, questioned the future of the trade crisis. "If I do not sign an agreement with China, I will pay a humanitarian fee," the president said, stressing that negotiations between the two countries have just begun.

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