Tuesday , September 28 2021

We will see a familiar face in Punisher 2

Pay attention to the fans of Marvel and Netflix: Deborah Ann Walk is back to the second season in the history of the anti-heroic marvel of the world-renowned site, known for Karen Paige, a journalist for three seasons of Dareyeville and a defender of "Guardians". Streaming: Punisher.

Steve Lightfoot, one of the series directors, confirmed this information. The role of writer Ann Woll appears in the second part of Punisher and plays an important role in continuing the conversation about Frank Castle (Jon Benrthal), EntertainmentReal portal reports.

As in the first season of the series, which was not in the original title, it is expected that the role of the actress is not a permanent role but a few. However, when asked about this information, managers have confirmed or denied any approvals.

Lightfoot also recorded a recording of Daredevil 3. "Deborah plays a big role this season. He was very busy and I could not introduce him when he introduced him this time, "he said," it's very important for Karen and Frank in the series world. «

According to the estimates, The Punisher's second season with Jessica Jones will be premiered next year. Neither the future nor anything is known. Upon arriving at the catalog, both products manage the fate as Dareyevil, Luke Cage, and Irony. However, nothing has been said.

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