Sunday , August 7 2022

What the InSight Zone Hides: The NASA's Maritime Ship Crucifixion Theory


After 7 years of work and 7 months in space, NASA's InSight Probe finally arrived in Mars and began distributing information about passing through the Red Planet.

In the first two pictures, he overcame all the problems that lay on the surface of the planet. However, in the second photograph published by the United States space space, Twitter attracted the attention of the user, who made the most distinctive theory of InSight.

On Mars, the so-called "first plane" can be seen in the ship's corpse but this is not the word that he speaks but is part of the satellite's legs.

"The has published this photo of a newly captured photo . DO NOT WE LIKE THE LAST EDUCATION IN THE PHOTOGRAPHY? THINKING YOU WILL BE ONE OF YOUR SOURCES, "@ramirezmascaro wrote, creating a thread with its frivolous theory.

And it does not mean that it is boasting outside, but also with crew members who can have InSight.

"No, this is not the mystery of the MARIANA APPEARANCE, not the worst of the picture, and I … PUTO VIN DIESEL !!" he wrote.

I can say, however, that the "rings" did not go to the probe, as soon as the "tragedy" hero had his miniature on the boat. Guess what?

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