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Which fights are expected between the river and the box at the Copa Libertadores super final?


BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA.- Gonzalo's "Happy" in Martinez against the "pit bull" against Villar Barrios, the collision of the blows. Leonardo Pontius and Pablo Pérez or the goalkeeper's battle are the expected fountains of the river and the Boca at the Copa Libertadores super-arsenal arsenal in Monumental on Saturday.

One day in the history of the club that divides Argentina, two weeks ago, the two-legged pair of Bomboner had a 2-2 win. unpublished final.

These hours of chess and clock watch are two of the country's most open-minded technicians: Marcelo "El Muñeco" Gallardo, an unattractive football lover and Guillermo Barros Schelotto, a rebel rebel in the nature,

"Happiness" for the pitbull
For 25 years, Peter Martinez paid $ 4.5 million for a hurricane on the river in January 2015, the brain of the Gallardo hug.

He is not only one of the most promising players in the "millionaire" scheme but also one of the team's targeted quota.

Multiple words: participation and definition. Lionel Scaloni, a temporary coach in Argentina, has recently drew his attention to the value.

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From the south of Mendoza, there was a football boom. He also knows how to score a goal for Boca: he adds three (for Super League, two for the Argentina Super Cup).

How to neutralize the brain of a millionaire There is a hollow bush on this casing for such a job.

Colmar's Wilber Barrios, at the age of 25, erased all the fire at home. The court runs and runs away. It is effective for breakaway and breakdown of the first class with ball criteria.

Barrios has won the heart of the reflected cranium, because he is "scourged" without fear, because he is the one who opens his opponent and inflicts on the slippers. That is why he is ideal for Guillermo.

He knows how to get to the Columbian War, for example, as he is expecting Monumentalism, and, unfortunately, he needs to take care of the pitbull that works in the field.

Ponzio Perez, bosses
They are sunglasses and they are "millionaires" and must "convince" the captain.

36-year-old Leo Ponzio and 33-year-old Pablo Perez know that they will end the football. That is why the first is the final point of the cup and the second one is the first to drink.

Ponzio missed his first fight in the Bombonero in the semi-final semi-final against Gromion, but the captain restored his strength and was ready for the mother of all the battles.

Perez was in the Bombardier, but last but not least, the rabies rattled, but the captain jumped into the field and accused him of being 100% physically unresolved.

Penzio and Perez developed as midfielder, showed balance and mobility to the team and came to the opposite area with the property, and in soccer the opportunity to read the moments of matches.

Armani-Rossi, sacred hands
Franco Armani made a match The bombmaner At the 90th minute, Dario told Benedetto, "No!" Before Boca's 9th match, the match will be won by 3-2 with no match.

This action of the river "1" was one of the open postcards on the first page of the superphinism, and "Gallardo Doll" described it as "detected" because "nothing is in the pocket."

And 32-year-old Armani moved to the River Atletico Nacional in the current year, though he was the champion of Libertadores in 2016, but more than the guardian angel of the millionaire rope.

His province is saving Argentinian Football and the cup was sent to the national team for the World Cup in Russia, but the worst product of the group headed by Jorge Sampooli reached "1".

But when he came back from the World Cup, he was waiting for him again, and he was still standing right in to save his bow.

There will be another arcade Agustín Rossi, A 23-year-old boy came to Boca last year from the Simple Depression and Justice.

But his youth betrayed him at important moments for the team, making Boca look for new goals that were 100% safe.

Well, they say, "They give, they hold," and Russia, after losing property, relies on his fate and does not give anything more than superfinal, where he wore the first game, and secondly, the lock.

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