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Wind and Tide Challenge Switches: Scarlett and Felipe Perform Their Dreams | TV and Show


On Thursday, an interesting part of the program lived Against wind and gestures Channel 13 Scarlett and Felip Before they were married, they showed a hard life story. Both had to overcome serious physical and health challenges.

In the episode, journalist Francis Saavedra went to Curicó and went on to two young men who were hurt by the illness that hindered their happiness.

Scarlett lost some time as a result of a medical complaint she is in a wheelchair and wheelchair, which hindered their quality of life. This complicated pregnancy was added.

Channel 13
Channel 13

In turn, Felipe met face to face The disease that disturbs severe pain, So if he wanted to save himself, he had to transplant his chest.

Despite everything, both men decided to continue with the plans of marriage. This chapter is about faith in God.

On the other hand, Saudeedra slammed the health of the people in Chile, Showcasing negativity in medical neglect.

Channel 13
Channel 13

In this way, two families have made various arrangements to raise money to help arrange for a wedding and pay a part of the treatment.

Fortunately, a young woman appeared after a wheelchair, so she could go to church and dream.

According to the Minister of Health, Felipe confirmed that Santiago's ophthalmologist Rodrigo Donoso is operating and that he could restore his position.

Channel 13
Channel 13

There are some reactions in this chapter.

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