Friday , May 14 2021

You can download Subiautica free from Epic Games. And it will be your eternal

A week after the opening of the Epic Games Store, we have the first version of free video games that we intend to have access to at any one of our own discretion. It's about Subnautica and you have to be there Epic access the store and download it.

An important fact is that there is no doubt: After downloading, our game will be eternal. Temporary term is a period in which it can be received for free Subnautica Ending on December 27.

You can review this offer Subnautica In the game game, which shuts the first half and half of the game:

The video is a pre-release version of Xbox One in 2016, but works perfectly to see where the shooting is: flooding on another planet we go.

Epic Games He confirmed it once every two weeks by opening a free-to-play store. It is now Subnautica and from December 28 to January 10, 2019 you will receive Super Meat Boy free of charge.

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