Wednesday , June 23 2021

Youtuber Луизито Комуника CNN in the pit in Chile: "I do not let them steal"

Famous mexican origin Luisito Comunica with a news network CNN Chile, after that two copyright claims he is against the video he created.

A YouTube young man posted a video of over 19 million subscribers "I will not allow this theft" he explains the situation.

"The Chilean TV channel, which says its video was written in Peru, does not seem to be reasonable and I do not recall that any clip from CNN in Chile used any songs," he said.

Stations claim the station to fit one title «The largest pirate market in Peru» and others invited "How does it feel about 900 meters in Cappadocia-Sharon Airport in Turkey?". Some of these clips have been used in the interview by Luizito Comunica, a CNN challenger to Chile two weeks ago.

"The interview of Peru is at 4:57 am this interview, and in 16:56 the video of Turkey's video will be shown to me," they say. «CNN Chilean CNN Chile, They used my videos and videos. In my theory, my images, my copyright have been used in the video, and now they require copyright ", he explained.

"I would like to appeal to CNN, which may hire someone for action [como la de generar los reclamos por derechos de autor], This he does not know how it workshe said.

CNN Chile apologized

By distributing your web channel CNN Chile apologized From Nicolas Copan to the Mexican Musicals.

"We have tried unsuccessfully for Luisitto to apologize, his fans and hope that he will listen, and we will allow this space to talk," they say.

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