Tuesday , September 28 2021

Yuan will continue to grow in 2019

The shelter was highly productive, as the pound and the euro were against the bruxitic deficit against Italy's budget crisis.

The year is expected to be the year's biggest winner among the major currencies of the yen because investors will seek security in the uncertain future in 2018.

The shelter's asset was highly productive, as the pound and the euro were opposed to the budget crisis of Italy and Italy, and the trade war between the US and China and the drop in prices Oil pressures for goods, such as Canadian dollars. Ian has grown by 2% to London at 110.04 yuan per dollar in Monday. At the same time, the share of Japanese currency in global funds increased to 5% in the third quarter, which is the highest in 16 years.

If the yen is going to continue in 2019, Ian may have been "winning by default" for the fourth consecutive year in earnings per dollar, said Shakhab Halinoos, global leader in currency trading strategy at Credit Suisse Group AG.

"In Japan, the news in 2018 was at least a bit worse than any other place for the original hopes," said Jalinos. "This jeans have a negative impact on risky assets, which allowed them to play the role of safe assets within a year."

Since the beginning of this year, the yen has been driven by weaknesses, but in April it returned to profit after the dollar changed. In October, after reaching the weakest level of the year against the dollar, the yen jumped in December in the securities market.

Unless the investor believes in risky assets and absence of factors promoting global growth in 2019, Jalinos expects John to remain in his favorite position. The average forecast for Bloomberg research suggests that the yen will increase to $ 109 per dollar by the end of 2019.

However, Marvin Barc from Barclays Plc says that by the end of 2019, Japanese currency can reach up to 107 yen per dollar. The next year, the juncture dollar comes at a risky dollar concentration. he is looking for sources of diversification in Japanese currency, he said.

"In the long term, Ian is not considered to be very valuable," says Barclays, a research manager at macro and emerging markets in a telephone interview. The 107 outlook is "highly appreciated by yen, but it surpasses other currencies."

The market strategy of IG Asia Pte in Singapore is to repeat the forecasts for strong jpy 2019 by Jinnie Pan.

"The ongoing growth prospects may remain in the interest of shelter trading, with various concerns, including uncertainty," he said. The possible break in the current Fed's growth cycle saw Yen's yield differentials that would help in the next phase, something that has not been for the past two years.

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