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2018 Davis Cup Croatia chairs France with 2: 0 score for the following two cities – ITF International Tennis Federation – Hanfeng Net


Source: ITF International Tennis Federation

The original title: 2018 Davis Cup Croatia has two cities with a total score of 2: 0

The Davis Cup final of 2018 started at the Pierre Moruva stadium in France. In the first game, Churik was in good shape, Chadi won 6-2 / 7-5 / 6-4 and started well in Croatia, and in the second game Kilik gained six points -3 / 7-5 / 6-4 Tsonga.

Chuluic 6-2 / 7-5 / 6-4 Chadi

The first game of the Davis Cup final in 2018 was Chile and Chad. Twenty-two duplicate errors in the first game, Chadi, broke the Chulica after 11 minutes. After a successful run of the run, Chadi made two more mistakes in his position and gave three breaks and the second blow to Chulice. In the fifth game, Chad was able to recover for the first time, but he was behind with 2-5, even though he was guaranteed again. The runner maintained a single inventory in the mobile game and won the first set of 6-2.

The second game was a little blend and the first eight games were guaranteed. After a successful 9th ​​game in Chad, he put pressure on his opponent, and Chulich was able to withstand the pressure on non-guaranteed services to equalize 5-5 goals. After that, Charlie lost three points in his career and lost three points in his career, and after the rescue he lost his job. Then Churik successfully kept the second set 7-5.

The third round of both sides started with mutual insurance. After that, Chulich broke the lead with a 3: 1 lead. After the two sides defended each other, the score was 4-2. After the sponsorship of Chulick Chardie, she applied for a medical suspension, after a short treatment she was released with love and raised the report to 5-3. Charlie survived the pressure of attack. The winner of the game, Chulic, won the third place and won the game by defeating Chadi 6-2 / 7-5 / 6-4 in Croatia.

Kilograms 6-3 / 7-5 / 6-4 Tonga

It releases twice and raises two rounds and fights 2-2. He made the first break of the game after he had guaranteed a brilliant love game. After the re-release, Kilic played three-tiered wave and raised the score to 5-2. Tsonga was pressured by Tsonga in his first non-bailed position and kept the rescue point and two points lost. 3-5. In his work, Kilik finished his victory again with the victory and won the first set 6-3.

In the second team two players scored 1-1 points. The bridge was in the form of a love game for three games. Four service stations were issued on both sides and the score was 5-5. Tsonga made a mistake in his career and attacked an attacker, while Kilik was the first break in the second break. Later on, he successfully defended the game and won the second game 7-5.

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