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Original title: 5 days and 11 movies together, save the city

Beijing's business news (Reporter Lu Yang Intern reporter Mu Mu) The collective silence of the golden cash register, the 2018 movie company's 60 billion yuan market breakthroughs was hopeless, and the movie market was a "cold winter" self-determining factor. In addition, released and released films have not diminished since November 12, 11 films are released on a weekly basis, and 11 films are able to process their cash allotment over the year. Impact is still unknown.

Cat Eye Professional Edition shows that the 11 films released this week are polarized except Jennifer Rowling's "Fantastic Beast: Grindlewald's Crush", which seeks to see 158,000 people. The number of people who wanted to watch 10 movies was not broken. Stop the horror movie, comedy movie "Beautiful Girl", "The Last Kilometer" and "The Names of Years", which has played the role of Sheny Yuan, still mood.

Insiders do not mean that film shootings can have a positive effect on the film company, but the film itself is hot. The filmmaking, especially when comparing the movie "Fantastic Beef: Grindelwald & s Sin", is a difficult thing to do when creating a movie company, if there is no "big movie" to compete with. Shock and other films are often "a daily ride", there is no place for pre-publishing, and the content itself is not gimmick, so there are some films that can handle the cash office market this week.

According to Huang Zhiun, Senior Director of Day Tour, this is mainly due to the flow of the capital from 2016 to 2017. The blind investment made the movie industry a good cycle. Regardless of the extent of the film's output, the quality is unsatisfactory. "The release of one-day video clips on the market has begun today, with many cinemas and TV companies hoping to succeed when the movie industry is hot, so movies will be produced, but they will always be in politics. Toughening and removing tickets will be improved next year. "

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