Saturday , June 19 2021

900+ software "WeChat payment" launches "crash site" of crash site – News – Global IC Trade launches –

At the beginning of December, a "fantastic" payment virus appeared in the country, and security firms like 360 ​​broke down quickly. This payment is marked by the tags WeChat payment, Alipay hacking, and post-95 hacking tags. Plant pollution «» ash disposal programs «

As a payment method, WeChat's payment for this first domestic payment system virus infected with the development of the "easy language" development tool. Apart from the payment module module, it also includes a hacker Trojan. According to 360 trainer analyzes, the Trojan strives to steal Alipay, Jingdong, 163 Mailbox, Weibo,, QQ, Tmall, Ali Wangwang, Cool Dog, Thunder and Baidu Cloud passwords.


(Chart of keywords based on Chinese retailers software – 360)

360 viruses count the infected software and currently has 918 items, which is still growing. Most of them are auxiliary software. Software names are often referred to as "invitations", "registration", "registration logs", "call invitations" and "invitations", which means that most of the infected programs use the "Net Profit" flag .


(some software name screenshots)

There is another factor in the distribution of transport programs: more than 900 programs are concentrated in the "gray industry", which allows some users to download "bulky" software. Ignore the protection provided by the software and select the software to download malicious code.

360 software developers are encouraged to focus on computer security because the development environment is infected with the virus, and all software is included in malicious code events, and most of the malware are often software users. Software developers need to download compiling tools and development media files from regular channels to avoid downloading contaminated development files and the entire project environment.

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