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Asian speed! Sun Xingyu is one thousand miles away, Pingyi Blue Army Defense Line _

Original title: Asian speed! Sun Xingyu set a distance of thousands miles for a single trip

Tottenham's 3-1 victory over Chelsea, Asia's Sun Xingwe once again showed his clever speed, leaving the ball to the right of the front and sending the ball to the ball. Although the speed of the Chinese star Wu Lai is known, everyone knows, but it is clear that the Korean brother's clever productivity has been copied. Together with this balloon, Sun Xingyu has reached the 50th goal in his Tottenham career.

One of the Premier League BIG6 teams, Tottenham, has scored a few acetos, including England captain Harry Keane, England's main midfielder, Harry and other stars. However, Sun Xingyu is not ready to act as a subsidiary role. In this game, after the defeat of Ali and Harry Kane, the King of Asia set a fine goal.

The purpose of Sun Xinqi is classics, and this goal is even one of his Korean career. The game was then played on the 54th minute, Tottenham's 2-0 lead by Chelsea.her

He attacked Ali bar, then Sun Xingyu took the ball in the middle, he ran to the right of the bar, and though he ran the ball, the Koreans were able to save Josézón and then fight. David-Louis's defense opened and eventually came in and settled down to the slightest limit zone.

The purpose of Sun Xingyu was to surprise the fans, supporters on the stage were applauded and applauded, and Sky Sports commentator was responsible for commenting on the game "unexpected". Not only that, but even Chelsea players were shocked and lazy. Indeed, as with Chelsea, Sun Xingyu has achieved such a wonderful goal!

In fact, the Sun Xingqi campaign might have begun early, but the goalkeeper games were great, the goal was not late for 54 minutes. On the 10th minute, Eriksson took the right side of the shell and placed it on the right to the right and lifted a bit higher. On the 31st minute, Sun Xingyu's left-hand side advanced in a long distance. In the middle, Sun Xing Eriksson scored and scored again, but once again he fell to the ground and saved the ball.

Sun was the only milestone of Xingqi campaign, and is the first league to win this season, and is also the 50th goal of Tottenham for a variety of events.her

After joining the White Hart Lane army in 2015, Sun Xingyu played 154 games on behalf of Tottenham, winning a total of 50 goals, including 107 league games and 31 goals.

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