Friday , May 14 2021

At the end of this year all award winnings were reduced to half of the leaders without awards: due to unexpected results – IT & Transportation – cnBeta.COM

This year, high-ranking officials will not be awarded until the end of the year because of the unpredictability of the company's productivity.her

At the DDT's December 14 meeting, Director General of Divin, Cheng Wei, said employees had dropped by half this year compared with last year, and Didi's leaders did not receive awards at the end of the year. According to Cheng Wei, the performance of the company is not as expected, but largely security-related investments are relatively large and will continue to invest in the future.

Due to the fact that the leaders did not have the year's outcome, Didi's President Liu Qing said in his speech: "Some have risen to WP, will you come back?"

Last year, the average annual award for employees ABC was divided into the third class, class A – 6 month salary, B class – 4 months salary, C – 2 month salary.

"It is a pity that everyone should work at the end of the year and soon everyone will work more, and I want to exert pressure on the top managers, and B and C levels will be equal to one or two months after their downgrade. Some of the employees said.

Didier's safety pressure is very high this year due to severe security incidents that two female drivers have raped and killed passengers this year.

Recently, on December 5, Didi has e-mailed the employee to report on the organization's upgrade. Renewal, Didi 's core business and multi – sectoral mergers and acquisitions. Among them, the express-train business group was united, a network car platform was created, the small orange car service and the Center for Car Asset Management (AMC) were merged, updated to a new car service, and a car service company was established.

In the full version, the "Update Security System" is the first of its kind to correct all the fixes. Mr. Van Sin, the head of the group's safety department, was the head of the traffic safety department and told him about Cheng Weiga. In order to improve the emergency response capabilities, the elites of different departments have created a working group on emergencies.

In response to a network contract compliance step, Didi incorporates a fast-paced business group with a dedicated car business unit and a fledged auto business community to build a car platform. In 2017, Didi Express, Taxi and Cars sections optimized for two business groups: quick trips and quality trips. Up to date the organizational structure of the express train has been upgraded to the linear platform company of the department and business group. It is said that consolidation of express trains will enable to efficiently implement the process of ensuring the uniform mobilization of resources and network conformity.

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