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"Black Panther 2" Succeeds, Martin Freeman's Answer Is Returning – Film – cnBeta.COM


The adventure of the "Black Panther" allowed Marvel to see the superheroes of black superheroes.The film "Black Panther 2" is coming soon to determine the return of Martin Freeman. However, it is still unclear how Martin Freeman's role was in the early stages of the training.

Martin Freeman confirmed his return. In the interview she said, "Yes, I am going to the crew. But I know, I'm coming back now, and I do not know when I'll be back. " Former film director Ryan Kugler said that the scenario will begin in 2019, and the shootout will take place at the end of 2019 or at the beginning of 2020. As for the time of release, I look forward to 2021. The 2-3 year gap is the standard interval for the modern Marwel. Why did Ryan Kugler decide to return? The analysis of the media is due to the fact that it has a very good team of brokers. This forces you to pressure Marvel and make Ryan Kugler more autonomous and prized. That was exactly what happened to Patty Jenkins and Wonder Woman 2.

Currently, Ryan Kugler's work is scheduled for 2020, he is guilty of "faulty responsibility", and he is also a producer of Cosmic Slam Dunk 2. At the end of this year his scriptwriter and producer "Quidi 2" will appear. By the appearance of these films, Ricken Kugler became the first commercial director in Hollywood.

The Kroug's "Frutherwell Station" debut is a powerful work that critics are well aware of, the tragedy of the black shooting youth shot by the police. The subsequent work was a great success in the box office "Quidi". As for the banners, this is the best commercial film of the past. Marvel even needs to prepare for the movie to influence the best film in Oscar. When the film was released, he achieved excellent business results throughout the world and became widely known orally, one of the most important stages of black films.

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