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In 2018, 258 players in Shenzhen Nanshan Half Marathon violated the rules of the game, including running with a cloth, running and "cutting off the road".

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258 players violated the rules, including running the cloth, running and "cutting off the road".

Over the past two years, the Chinese marathon has become widely known, not only a large number of competitions, but also a record number of participants, but it has been a glossy fars with the flag, and then competitors and medical workers. "Conflict". Today, major players have been damaged.

This year's Nanshan half-marathon in Shenzhen took place in the Shenzhen Bay of Nanshan County, the so-called China Silicon Valley. In the event that there is not too much room for office staff to hire a job, the competition scheme is just two simple ways to get back to one another.

However, it is strange to say that the good intentions of the employees allow these participants to become opportunists. According to the video clip, thousands of people will be able to cut the green belt directly on the track and use the "crash" method to achieve good results.

Also, many safeguards that have led many friends to talk about running and running into a deck are many. After the game, the Nanshan Half Marathon Organizing Committee deeply regretted the results and strongly condemned the criminals.

Following the investigation, the Organizing Committee announced a ban on 258 illegal players on fake digital cloths, running and cutting off the road.

According to the timeline of the chip, 258 illegal players, including 18 luggage sneakers and 3 people, including 237 illegal players, including "road cuts," are involved in the game's image, site photos and other supporting materials. According to the contest rules, it is forbidden to attend Sangjiang Nanchang's half marathon and the other is forbidden to participate in the Shenzhen Nanshan Marathon.

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Xingzhou Net ‧2018.11.29

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