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Clippers OT end Grizzlies 5 Harrell streaks 22 + 11 plus + 27 + 13 + NetEase Sports – Hanfeng.com


2018-11-24 07:30:40 Source: Netease Sports

Netease Sports reported on November 24:

The NBA regular season continued, and Los Angeles Clippers (12 wins and 6 losses) won the game. Gallinaria made a three-second score in three seconds and made three points after three free games. Garrell and Lou Wei were in charge of the team's overtime management, and they retained the advantage they had at home. The game won Memphis Grizzlies 112-107 (12 victories and 6 losses). The Grizzlies have finished their five games winning.

Clippers OT end Grizzlies 5 winning line Harryll 22 + 11 plus 27 + 13 + 7

Claypers Harrell scored 22 points and scored 11 goals, Galinari showed 20 points and 9 flex, Lou Wei scored 15 points and 6 assists, Bradley won 13 points, Harris scored 12 points and scored 7 points. Reform and 4 assistants. Grossis GAZOL has 27 points, 13 flexible and 7 assistants, Jackson has 20 points, 7 flexible and 3 blocks, Conley has 19 points and 11 assistants. Anderson has won 11 points and 5 flex. 4 assistants.

After the start of the game, two teams lost a few times, and after 10 points, Anderson and Mike scored three points, with 8 to 4 balls heading Grizzlies. Harris made it through a jump, and Jackson and Casby hit the finish line, at the end of the first half was Grizzlies 22-16.

In the three games Lu Wei's team scored the second team against the 7-0 opponent wing, and Klippers scored 23-22. Jackson immediately responded to a single, scored several points after two teams, changed hands several times, two teams in Gallinari's three pillars scored 39 points, from 3 to 40 seconds. Gasol got two crimes and led another wave of 8-3 sprites to lead the team to another lead. Beverly freed both, Ghazol aggressively scored 5 points, in the first game, Grizzlies scored 52 points with 52 points and scored 8 points.

George Michael Jackson scored 14 points in the first half, Gasol scored 11 points, 8 flexible and 4 assistants, Anderson scored 11 points, Conley scored 5 points and 11 assists, Clippers Harrell scored 9 points. .

Alexander scored two goals, which led the team to a third attack against 10-2, and Clippers was 54. After several plays from both sides, after Conley and Gasol attacked 60 levels, they played 6-3 games to the team, and the Grizzlies went back again. In the three indicators of Galinari, the team returned a 5-point score, both sides achieved two offenses, and Scott scored three points, and at the end of the third quarter, Clippers 75-70.

In the fourth quarter, Gryzli's external network was restored, Conley and Temple scored three points, bringing the teams to 14-3, Grizzlies scored 6 points 84-78. Gallinari had three signs to stop bleeding, with Gasol and Conley joining with 5 points, Grizzlies reaches 93-85 in 3 minutes 25 seconds. Six points were scored for Conley's attacks, and Belvy scored 4 points, while Ghazol scored two goals, hitting Harroel and Clippers scored 5. Gazelle's attacking foil, then missed the shell, Lou Wei came in two, while the second quarter was 29.9 seconds, behind Klippers 95-96.

The "green" three points, Gallinari, were defeated, and Klitperter asked for a time-out of 9.8 seconds. Lou Wei scored three points, and Gazol recovered two free throws: Grizzlies scored 98-95 in 3 quarters in the fourth quarter. Gallinari played three rounds and turned Gazol into a foul, three empty garbage removed, and in the fourth quarter, after 1.6 seconds, the clippers dropped to 98. After the Grizzlies stopped, Anderson scored the ball and Harrell broke the ball and worked out the game.

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