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Clopp defended his disciples strongly: "Weight" has not been attacked Liverpool has no duel players – Liverpool, Sara, Clo, Assen, Prospective Rock

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The original title: Clopp safely protects his pupils: Salah is not fake; Liverpool has no water.

Liverpool won Arsenal with a score of 5-1, Manchester City's second place – seven points. In Salesh, Muesli fired a penalty. In this regard, Liverpool's coach supported their children: Salah did not go out of Liverpool.

At the end of the first half of the game against the Arsenal, Salah entered the penalty area, starting with the opening of the Malaysian pharaon and preventing the Palestinian title twice. The referee fined a penalty, and Salah fired at his own expense, widening his score by 4-1, mostly in violation of Arsenal's record. In the second half, Liverpool fired another, but fined Fermin, he made a Brazilian hit.

Papadopoulos went with Salah during the break, and the other was harsh, a conflict appeared between words. At that time, Liverpool's defender Wang Dick was in the midst of a small confrontation and set apart two men. Papadopoulos still thought he was not penalized before entering the garment.

Liverpool coach Klopp decided to defend his team: "We do not have diving players, it is not swamped, and the other is not in the water, the referee is very close to the incident (penalty) – referee We met a lot in three and a half years, but did not give us the situation when you said, "Hey, hey!

Also, Klopp believes fans should not only look at the fan, but also consider the Dutch midfielder Valdés Douma as a player. "He's a great player, you have a lot of things, he can keep his body in the opponent's field and then send the ball to his team, and I do not know how much he can play. He is confident that he can be in the middle three positions, and that's a good thing. " Klopp is full of praise for this Dutch midfielder.Return to Sokhi and learn more

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