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Dixintong (06188.HK) is planning to sell Shenzhen Dixintong to a shareholder who owns 70% of shares – 10,000 yuan, Dixintong, not the main business – the month – Gloem

Source: Gloom

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Dixintong (06188.HK) announced on December 31, 2018 that Shenzhen Dixintong intends to sell 70 percent of shares to Dixintong Technology, taking into account the 70 million shares of RMB 35 million (as follows). Net earnings are expected to be used as operating expenses for the company's core business. After the completion of the shareholder's arrangement, the company does not make a stake in Shenzhen Dixintong, so Shenzhen Dixintong is no longer a subsidiary of the company.

Shenzhen Dixintong owns 70% and 30%, respectively, and Shenzhen Shangchuang Chuangzhan Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. owned by the company. Shenzhen Dixintong is mainly engaged in investment business. The company strives for real estate, children's paradise industry and tourism in China, with its group activities, brand management and excellent professional team. The most competitive and influential investors and operators in the apartments.

For the two years ended 31 December 2017 and for the six months ended 30 June 2018, Shenzhen Dixintong proceeds to RMB 3,300,100, RMB 3,349,100 and RUR 1,747,600, up to RMB 675,900 by 2016 before June 30, 2018. Earnings before tax is 405,700 yuan, the profit before the profit was 81,600 yuan.

The company believes that sales can achieve certain investment gains. From the time of its foundation, the company is mainly engaged in retail business and sales revenue will be fully invested in the construction and upgrade of the channel to improve its core business.

(Article source: Gloem)

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