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Grace returns! Muller opened both of them, but Bavier moved to the passengers

Original title: Fushen return! Muller opened both of them and raised feelings, at the end of which Bavaria met with passengers.

Despite the weakness of Dusseldorf, Bayern scored a goal and scored three goals, but he scored three goals for the opponent, with 3-3 league winning. Sense. It is possible to count Muller as the only one who appeared in the nightmare league.

From the New Season, the two clubs scored two more goals for the League of Muller, and almost all of them stayed in the rest of the game. Before the campaign, there were 16 times in each race, and 3 goals for 2 assists. In the national team, Muller gradually lost his position. In spite of this national team match, Muller played a hundred games in his national team, but his play, performance and role were worse than ever before. Nevertheless, the coach commended Loew Mueller: "He has to be grateful for his great respect and sincere gratitude, he is still 30 years old. At the moment, when a person wins the 100 national team, Muller says Mr Muller has a national team:" At the moment, game and 38 goals. . Initially, his goal was not effective, but the result of the past two years was very unsatisfactory, with matches of 17 national teams only two goals, which is not recognized by the World Cup in the summer.

Mueller returned to the club with 100 medals marathon. Mueller and Lewandowski took part in the award ceremony before the meeting with Dusseldorf and Bayern Munich brought two strikers to the national team and presented them two giants. Photographs and flowers. The Muller's club ritual has brought Muller good, and Muller has regained his long-lost goals before Dusseldorf.

Although the budgetary buildup is still thunderous and heavy rain, Jules has scored a goal, but has made even less costly defensive mistakes. At the important moment, Muller came. At the 20th minute, he had a long, long shot from Boateng, and when he had finished his shot, he dropped the ball into the penalty area and ended the shooting near the door, thus damaging the blows. At the beginning of the second half, Düsseldorf scored a goal, and Muller and Levan's heart were in harmony. Muller went to the end of Levan and scored another goal in the right post.

He scored two goals for Bayern, but failed to win. The incredible performance of the Muller is somewhat inconvenient due to the recent fall of the team. However, if the team did not have a satisfactory result, the emergence of Muller suddenly produced a great deal of benefit, and at least there was another hand that Kovach could not reach. If Muller scores as usual and normally helps, Bayern's games will not be bad, and Muller can be a leader in the restoration of the South Star. Do not forget, Muller is the star of the great blessing of Bavaria. Earlier, when he hit the game, Bavaria was indifferent. Mueller Bundesliga has scored 81 points, while Bayer's 81 matches have been featured on the Builder's record of 76 victories and 5 draws!

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