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Guangdong media: Guangdong "relies on the new heavens, eats everything in the sky" CBA entered the "fast" era – Guangzhou Daily – Hengen Nyet


2018-11-24 09:50:53 Source: Guangzhou Daily

The CBA's longest season of recent years has appeared in the first break. This year's chart exceeds one-third, and the author's feelings have reached the era.

Guangdong media: Feeding on the day of Guangdong, relying on a new taste, the CBA quickly entered the epoch

In the 15th round, the best teams in the league are rapidly attacked and defending teams. Guangdong Gongyuan has no major foreign aid in the list, with 15 fast winnings in high-speed defense and rapid rivalry, while Guangzhou has been "slow" in the second place. People, their main internal line, Hu Jinsu, can often run faster than another striker, attack a big hat, and the Shanghai team's third-party style is too harsh, Fredet can take the team to open the game. Nowadays, the RIA of the KAA goes faster and faster, and the world is sufficiently warlike, but it does not crumble.

Also, rapid growth is reflected in the rapid growth of new seedlings. The Hong Kong teenager, Du Runwang, started his own debut season with an average of 22.7 minutes, a total of 9 points, a sampling of 1.6 and a total of 1.1 assists. Dieter, a 23-year-old student from Tianjin, came out with 42.3 points. An average of 16.6 points and 10 flexible games per minute. This "double" performance is available only to local players, including Shi-Shuai, meanwhile, with 3.9 attacked winners in the first place among local players.

This team is quick and responsive to the challenge and the most sensitive Nanjing Tongji – when the team faced with difficulties, the manager quickly intervened in the leadership of Chen Guangchewan. Big foreign aid was canceled and won three games in the team. Now, this team and the playoffs are only one win, and there is a great opportunity to hit the playoffs.

There is an example of the purpose of this team to finish. This year, after the transfer of the Bayi Men's basketball team to the home team and Wang Zhiji as coach, who won all three seasons of the season last season, Now the league has only 1/3 points, won three games and won the same victory as last season.

So sooner or later, when we enter the intermediate stage, can we see if the Chinese men's basketball team will get faster "faster" feelings for fans at the qualifying round of the World Cup?

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