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Gwangjiang deaths after use, but court is not responsible for litigation – Note! – cnBeta.COM

Gwangjiang's healthcare products are tough, and their outer clothing that regulates their health and treats all illnesses. In recent years, listeners from China have received a letter from Quna,In April last year, his younger brother, Ziu Mu died in the health and beauty salon in Huaiyama, Huan province, after a so-called "Natural Medicine Quanjian Fire Therapy" salon. The skins used were Kuangian's "Guantanamo Eight Scheme". .

Later, Tsu's father, Bao Kungen, and three partners in the beauty salon and Quanjian Natural Medicine Technology Co., Ltd. filed a lawsuit against the company. In September 2018, the first instance court of Hefei County court of Heichang District court did not respond to the Kuandžian company, Bao Qun & the other three persons were responsible for 40% of the compensation, 60% of which were deceased Qiu. Tsyu's father refused to accept the appeal. Then, why is the Quanjian company primarily responsible? What is the last time in this case?

After using the "Canjian Hospital" with steam and death, he did not report anything before proceeding, and tried to drive the user home.

Qiu, his younger brother lives in Shenzhen, suffers from epilepsy in the 40's. In April last year Mrs. Ms. Huihai returned to the Gwangjian Fire Clinic headed by her younger brother, Bi Ying, Bao Kunun.

"Intuition (impressionism) is what I do, everything is done, and the store is about sixty or seventy-four square meters, there is no big part in the middle, it is divided into curtains, and the industrial and commercial license. We do not have a business license, and when we enter, some people fire, and the flames are blue and yellow, and the flame is present when there is any illness in your body. «

Ms. Cuiu said that she and her brother were fishing at the project, which used the so – called "Guantanamo Hospital", which can accommodate a person sitting in the form of a platform. Until the beginning of his brother, Tsu Mohan, Bao Kun did not say anything about it.

Ms. Tsui says: "At the time I did not give any specific description of the physical condition of this product, I did not say anything about the illness, it's just good, it's sick and it's no disease."

Ms. Ms. Tsu told her about the Quan Jian product and bonus system, while Ms. Ms. Ms. Qui tried to join Quan Jian's Direct Sales Camp, while one of the firefighter Bao Kakun, partner in the firefighter, told Ms. Qui. I disagree with the direct sales request, but I have to listen to it.

"They are proud of having more than 300 secret recipes in their company, and many hospitals can cure diseases that can cure illness, cure illness, and illness in the future. It's already an illness that can give you air conditioning.

According to Mrs. Guy, my younger brother, Tsu Mou, arrived after 30 minutes of steaming, his face was bad and his body sweated. He also had 20 minutes of steam cooking, and he found the bed and found the bed. At this point the employee said that his younger brother was rescued, but he lived in a few minutes.

Ms. Qiu thinks that her brother can not control her. After a while, the smaller door went to the toilet, but it did not come out after ten minutes. After the physiotherapy staff opened the toilet door, Ms. Kua's younger brother fell to the ground and left his neck to the edge of the wardrobe and left her uninterrupted.

First trial: Quan Jian is not responsible, but 60% of the death penalty, and 40% of the remaining three security houses.

In the first instance trial, Dad's father asked for a payment of more than 700,000 yuan from three physiotherapists and a joint and several responsibility for Quanjian. In September 2018, the first instance court of Hefei County court of Heichang District court did not respond to the Kuandžian company, Bao Qun & the other three persons were responsible for 40% of the compensation, 60% of which were deceased Qiu. Tsyu's father refused to accept the appeal.

In the first May trial, Li Yuanch, a lawyer for Kia Yuan, believed Quan Jian's "Zheng Jian Bai-yi" and non-standard instructions were contraindication to Qiu Mou, who suffered from epilepsy. The source of the threat, the guilty, and the breakdown of the accused have led to the death of Qiu, and Quanjian has a joint and personal responsibility for the massive loss of Qiu's father.

"The case was not resolved at the second stage – the first instance court decision, of course, is illegal, Quan Jian and three partners (physiotherapy facilities) work illegally, the other has guilty and faults, and inaction. They must be fully responsible.

According to Quanjian, steam cooking is anti-epileptic and does not have any credible evidence and the identity of the vessels, while Bao Qun & three other people have a firefighting clinic, Qiu's sister should be more. Commitment.

According to the first instance decision, although the accused Quanjian company is the manufacturer of the Quanjian Ba ​​Yiyi, the claim submitted by the claimant is not sufficient to prove that the product is of the quality of the product that led to the death of Qiu, and the claim to the claimant Quánjian does not support the requirement of the Obligation.

In December of this year, the second instance of the People's Court of Huiju, Hunan, heard the case and said that the sentence would be passed. As a result of the second level, Ms. Kuwa is confident that she will make a fair decision.

"We hope this outcome will bring a fair judgment and hope that this chaos will be detained, and my brother will have a rest in the sky."

There are many similar situations, why Quan Jian is always able to break the line?

According to media statistics, Quan Jian, often quoted on the "Kianjiang Company", was often outlawed, even though it had been brought to court, the subsequent court decisions did not bear joint responsibility. In April 2015, Bai's friend used firefighting therapy for psoriasis and his condition deteriorated, and ten days later Bai Mumu died. In May 2016, Bao Zinche, an Inner Mongolian father, burned Bao Baochun, and Bao Xiangchun died of heart disease. In August 2016, Zhu Iwu suffered illness after two firefighting treatises and died of heat radiation.

However, in 2016, in the conditions of Shenzhen Chiau, Quanjian failed to get rid of the relationship and had to raise costs for proper health and fire-fighting services. Khan Hao, a lawyer at the Kangda Law Firm in Beijing, explained to journalists that the quality of fire-fighting products was a key to Guandjani's responsibility:

"As a licensed private industrial and commercial premise, the fire clinic can handle this civil responsibility independently and is not included in Quigangian, so firefighting can take responsibility independently if it serves its customers. Since the rights and interests of the consumer are damaged due to inaccurate services and so on, this is the responsibility of the Fire Service Center for civilian compensation and, secondly, if the fire brigade is operating normally, the customer is the product used by Quanjian. During service, consumers are responsible for this product because of defects in quality products or quality problems.

80 million yuan, the illness of fire, according to the color of the flame, to treat all the diseases of the "bone", to buy the secret recipe of cancer cancer, even the disease can not cure it … … these rights are suspected of falsification In the advocacy campaign, authoritative media reported it several years ago, but so far has been the case of victimization?

Earlier, the spokesman of the People's Government of Tianjin officially announced that Waibouti Tianjin had sent a letter to the Tianjin state control office to supervise and oversee the investigation group. The responsible person of the investigative group said that this was a legitimate protection and legitimate cessation of lawlessness. In violation of the instruction, all investigative team members check the relevant information, strictly comply with the law, and do not hesitate to answer the public in a responsible manner. The Chinese voice also focuses on the development of events.

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