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Henan's 4-year-old twins were lacquered and died, and his name was Xie


Original Name: Henan 4-year-old twins were lacquered and died, suspected – his mother.

According to the official Weibo news site of Hihua District Public Security Division in Hainan Province, on November 23, 2018, the public security bureau of Xihua District received a public report: at noon 4, Huangqiao Township Dongxue Kecun did not have twin boys aged 4 and older. Soon after, the child who lost the lost 4-year-old boy was reported to the WeChat circle.

After receiving the police, Xihua District Public Security Bureau took the matter seriously and immediately sent elite police forces to work all night long.

After the investigation, disappeared married couples Van Muu and Wang Mou Sin were killed, suspected Xie is a tribe of twin sons. On the night of November 23, they took their twin brothers into the periphery of the district because of their caring for their twin children and caring for their children, Xie Mou admitted guilt. Take two brothers to the pond and die.

At present, suspected hee has been under police surveillance and further investigation is underway.

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