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How often did the Palestinian team beat the mistakes, and what effect does the national team have on the semi finals of the Asian Cup?


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November 21, 2018 02:18 Source: Beijing's youth daily Participate in interaction

The Palestinian team's mistakes were often frustrated, and Lippi did not like it.
What impact does the National Soccer Team have on the semi finals of the Asian Cup?

Lippi, who is keen to overcome this game, has nothing to help international players.

Shortly after yesterday's opening, a team of Chinese football team led by Feng Wei took the 1st place in the last A-Class competitions, which was below the 24th Palestinian team. National football coach Lippi lived and commanded the entire game, but could not change the defensive position of the team on both sides of the attack and defense. Haiku is hoping to win the semi-finals of the Asiada Cup with clubs and footballers who have come to participate in the annual Super League Awards this national football team.

After the last whistle of the China-Pakistan match, Coach Lippi left for 90 minutes. Journalists and fans who saw what was going on and on their way knew that "silver fox" was not too good. Last night's game was not the last international A-level match before the national football cup of the Asian Football Confederation and before leaving the national football team, Lippi became the last official match in the country. Lippi is eager to overcome the game on individual thoughts and the Asian Cup, but the outcome is adversely affected.

In the ninth minute of the game, Fang Wei had a free kick from Lee Hui, who was the first scorer of Feng Wei's 70th national football. However, Feng Wei's "Iron Tree Flower" is one of the few successes of national football. After having this good ball, Lee Hui took a sudden defensive line, followed by a Chinese team with a sleeping team along with other players in the defense line. On the 63rd minute, the players scored the ball.

Lippi began to manage the game from the start of the game, and the pupils' low level of mistakes can not be said at all, or they say a few words or spread their hands, which was not in the previous Chinese team training. It is common. From the organizational point of view, debut players are the leaders of clubs in the domestic league of last season, but, unfortunately, they can be surrounded by external assistance, but they can not form strong synergy of the national team, even if Lippi's effort to find the potential is a will not be replaced.

The main team at the Asian Cup, including five substitute players, was played yesterday evening for the national football team. Lippi also confirmed that most of the 24 people attending this training will participate in the Asiada Cup. However, he adds several players to the next exercise, including Zheng Hee and former trauma Zhang Lin.

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