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Original Name: Hunan: "Fenggy Experience" develops and develops to improve social management modernization.

Over the past few years, the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China has experienced new challenges in addressing social issues: the renovation and development of Hunan's "Maple Bridge Experience" by strengthening its party building, relying on masses and integrating its elements into the new era. Thanks to a range of innovative activities such as "Grid + Party Building", "Triple-Level Co-operation" and "One Village and One Assistant Police", the ability to prevent and resolve conflicts and disputes has improved, and the lower level of management and management has risen to a new level.


"Party Building +": Ensure a solid guarantee of social management

The first place was won by 100 points, the second place was won by "Bye Gray" 99 points, and the second place was taken by "Yuan Zhiyana grid" 78 points. "A few days ago, the Network Services Management Interpretation was held in the Assembly Hall of the Xujiaqiao Township Government, Chengdu, Dingcheng District.

"It has been a long time since we have not worked hard to resolve the conflict, and then we have to find a breakthrough and achieve success," he said. According to Yuan Jiwan, Liu Dao, a two-way reporter, said the last result was his pressure.

Xujiaqiao Township's secretary of the party committee, Sue Kaiabo, was unclear about the responsibilities of organizations and personnel last year and did not meet the many controversial issues in due course. "In recent years, with the strengthening of party building, all rural personnel and party members have been put into the forefront of the grid and introduced four system of grid services management, the status quota has been restored."

In the practice of Hanan, Fengqiao Experience always shows the biggest political advantage of party building and leadership, involves the party in all aspects of party building management, and plays a part in the role of party organizations in the fight against parties to facilitate the gradual development of social governance. .

We demanded the establishment of subsidiaries, expansion of organizational coverage and unity in Changsha, which provides comprehensive management and stability. About 10,000 party members in the city's taxi, sanitary, postal and other spheres attended a special (and partly) Ping An volunteer team and played a special role in preventing and controlling "weather, free time in the home".

Through street lounges and street lounges, such as "Junicho" and "Lusan", we upgrade the connection methods such as "party building + grid", "party building + police service", expand coverage of party work, weaknesses of organizations and so on. The problem is the organizational guarantee of social management.


Public-based: conflicts are solved at a low level

"We have solved more than 90% of rural disputes through three major mediations, and have resolved the stability of cities and villages." Liu Min is a secretary of Chandy City City Party Committee in Chengde City. Reporter: The lower the problem, the lower the cost of the problem, the less a less effective method and the least harmful effect.

The key experience of Hunting City in Fengqiao Experience is to play the role of key organizations, such as rural self-governing organizations and public volunteer organizations, to capture and mobilize the population as a center, to address mass discrepancies.

In Yiwang, a volunteer group of volunteers has a civilized and harmonious agitation-propaganda group, aged 65 and older go to community, street, and people's home to pursue their own opinions, resolve disputes and pursue a policy of "micro-presentation".

77-year-old Lee Eping is a teacher of civilizations and harmony in the Yiiganlo district, and he has no contradictions and disagreements. He says: "Although we are retired, we hope to play a role in society, but the microprocess can have a great role in social cohesion and stability, even if it is preaching about small things."

In order to promote social management, Hunan always strives to "maslio bridge experience" for "the masses and everyone on the masses", to prevent and resolve conflicts, to solve problems at the community level, to assist in building a community of joint building and joint management. Control model.


Innovation and development: the "experience" is always the main soul

In response to the statue-quo, characteristics, and controversy, Hunan has developed new experiences such as Maple Bridge Experience, Three-Tone Linkage, and One Village and One Assistant Police.

Due to the complexity of the major contradictions and controversy caused by the new contradictions in recent years, they have replaced the transitional period's mediation method with unified tools, one section, and individual combat, as the lower section of the Justice Department of the Hansan Province said. The department worked together, coordinated and co-facilitated the diversification and resolution of a new model of major and complex conflicts and disputes.

Pencha has established three interconnected phases, 13 mediation rooms in public courts (courts), 5 mediators of the public prosecutor's office and 100% in police stations, districts and districts (cities) and settlements (streets). Play the role of mediation organizations of all levels, eliminate many contradictions and disagreements, resolve the first line and increase the effectiveness of mediation.

Shaanjiang is located in the center of Hunan, economically weak, security complicated, local clandestine powers are closely interconnected, criminal and public safety issues, contradictions and disagreements remain high, and police do not have a police station. To this end, Shaunang has developed a "one village and one auxiliary police" strategy in recent years and has created a professional group that provides prevention and control of public safety in the village and village. By 2018, the number of criminal cases in Shaoyang rural counties has dropped by 21.3% and the current mortality rate has dropped by 41.03% from the previous year, and the crime detection rate increased by 5.13% conditions, discipline and social stability. " The situation.

Yiwang "grid + 12345 + 110" created the "five management" innovation in Chand, the mechanism of "second mediation" of the junior exploration … "Maple Bridge Spirit" in Hunan continuously delivers new era connotations, but relies on mass Mass never changes.

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