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Original Address: Import Expo Exhibition Launched Multiple Stand Introduces Its Location

Immediately after the completion of the stand construction, the exhibitors collected the exhibition's exhibition at the exhibition. The first China International Import Expo is gradually being introduced.

In the afternoon, the 6th hall of the National Convention and Exhibition Center, the exhibition area of ​​clothing and consumer goods, will continuously exhibit the unloading of large exhibits. Many stand exhibitions were basically in place. The largest area of ​​the exhibition area, L & # 39; Oréal has its own brand, and the whole stand is dazzling.

The exhibitions of the Italian MEDEA LIFESTYLE are basically in place and the staff performs the final cleaning and placement of the small accessories. Dining tables, double beds, etc. The first in China.

The costume and the daily exhibition area are diamond and gemstone boutiques and the stand is completed. There are not a few jewels at the exhibitions, so the exhibition will only be on Day 5.

Zhang Hao, Chief Executive Officer of Donghao Lansheng Shanghai International Import and Commercial Services Limited, told the Knews journalist that Baoyu stone is small and relatively high, and for security it does not recommend exhibitors to arrive too early. "At present, some of these objects have been exhibited in our enclosed vault, and some of them are in the general arch."

The exhibition of consumer electronics and home appliances is also busy. The first appearance of the Panasonic cab, Chinese Transparent TV is very good.

In addition to traditional heavy household appliances, Matsushita Electric has also introduced industrial automation equipment, new energy vehicles and other exhibitions.

At the same time as the exhibitors' nervous work, security inspectors took patrolling to ensure safety.

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