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"Key to Reform and Opening" focuses on the construction of environmental civilization and implementation of reforms and the construction of environmental civilization | Saihanba _ Sina News

Original title: "Key to Reform and Opening" focuses on the construction of environmental civilization

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the reform and the opening of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the Beijing City Committee's Propaganda Department, the Beijing Radio and Television Station, created a column "Archive" of today's TV channel of the Reform and Opening Cinema Channel of the Popular Popular Theory of Beijing. . : 30 on the CCTV News Feed, the next day in Beijing, at 21:15, satellite TV broadcasts continue. The Director of the Institute of Health and Environmental Communication of the People's University of China Dou Shaoozong, the fifth program on the first generation of forestry in the Saikanba mechanical forest farm in Hebei Province, the civil and economic economy of the University of China's Political Science and Law. Wang Khanf, director of the Institute for Environmental Protection, and Juan Chuanghu, UNFPA's Land Guard Youth Prize laureate and his role models tell about the contribution and contribution to the construction of environmental civilization during the 40 years of China's Reform and Initiatives. The genuine scene reflects the change in China's environmental and environmental concepts.

"Green Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan." In this episode, Director of the Institute for Health and Environment, People's University of China, Dou Shaozhong, used the scenes for the first time on the stage with examples of "spit" and "Tongzhou water pollution." Explaining dialectical relationships between environmental protection and economic development, "everyone is protecting the environment voluntarily and knows how to protect the environment and turns it into a frequent and retaining business." The first-generation enzymes of the Saikhan mechanical forest farm in the Hebei Province, Chen Janghen, have encouraged the audience with regret. In the 1960s, six female students, including Chen Yankee, in the Saikanba Forest Farm broke down the history of lesbians and went on to cultivate the forests, making only deserted deserts in the Gobi Desert, with the average 24-year-old hundreds of young people. Now is the "ocean of forest". Today, the Saigon Forestry Forestry has reached 20.2 billion yuan, and forestry has earned a living by planting trees and tourism, and Greenwater Green Mountain's "Green Chin".

The ecological situation is closely related to human life, a good ecological environment – the most beautiful public product, continuous improvement of the relevant laws and regulations will improve the welfare of the citizens. Director of the Institute for Environmental Protection at the School of Civil and Commercial Economics, China's Political Science and Law School, Van Khanf explains the "voice of the most intense and harsh environmental accountant in history." Following the 18th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party, the staff is estimated from previous GDP and economic performance indicators . Money revision, now "looking at the sky, looking at the earth and examining the air". Improvement of environmental laws and regulations has prompted the audience to decide on the formulation of China's environmental civilization. Zhu Chuanghu, a laureate of the United Nations Environment Protection Agency's Land Defenders Youth Prize, introduced the importance of the law on wildlife to the legendary panda of "Vanna". At the end of the discussion, Zhu Chuanhui said, "We have to assume the responsibility of the offspring, use the history to protect the land, support the nature of childhood, and hope that nature will always be your guide."

Over the past 40 years, the Chinese people have always embraced the world of reforms and discovery, and has opened their hearts to the international community, and the image of China's great country has been widely praised. Until now, Wang Wen, Executive Dean of Chongyang Financial Research Institute, Renmin University, China, quickly comes to the sixth edition, entitled "The Key to Reform and Opening," and "The Greater Country's Image". The history of hundreds of countries and three key words explain our diplomacy. And for the Belgium and Road Initiative, Wang Yiong, professor of Chinese Renmin University and Road and Bridge Engineering Co., Ltd. of China. Deputy Director General Van Liigin believes that Latvia's international friend Anze will also appear on the stage. We share the "and" culture and human fate with our own eyes. At 22:30 today we are looking forward to the CCTV news channel, the next day at 21:15, Beijing Satellite TV, "Reformation and Key to Anger".


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