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Liu Ruoying sings for singing at the end of the year Wuzhen Snow Night singing "Sule" –

Zhongxin Net Wuzhen December 31 (Reporter Gao Kai) Liu Ruoying "Follow Me" Limited Measure by Miss Me Ying On December 30 at Wuzhen Grand Theater, Follow Me, the only continent of the world tour, is the degree of weakness itself. That day Vuzenne was covered with snow and rarely found out, and Mrs. Ein and Hewworth's "miracle" were put on the concert.

On the stage of the concert, the scenic plot takes the bridge of brick in a mine that is very convenient for talking with powerful water and small Syrians, and Liu Ruing appeared 16 years ago in a black-and-white show of Watery Years. "Ying Ying! Miss Ruining, who led the audience to shout: "Miss Ying!" Brought Voisen fans and fans as he did in the beginning of the year. This is a fight for me, old friends, there are things in my heart hiding, and one day you can see it again, but it's just a conversation.

Liu Ruoying sings Wuzhen Snow Night at the end of the year

Liu Ruoying sings Wuzhen Snow Night at the end of the year

On stage, Liu Ruing will perform on the stage in front of the audience on the stage of "Immortality", "Opportunities for Happiness", "He's Soft", "Flipped Out", "Peter Pan", "My Opponent", "… These rare rare" , but these songs are not superfluous at the edges of the milk tea, but they have been talking to Liu Ruing for a long time through different channels. The heart is good, and in the end there is a living variant of living.

Liu Ruing said that there were many songs in the studio which he had never sung and even forgot. "Someone is photographed and some people rely on the video, and I am happy enough to listen to music, have been with me for years and complain about not going back to the first, not the first one, but forgotten memories of this time. . «

That was the first night that the well-prepared fan of the well-prepared audience was the perfect mix of "Miss Ying" with a limited concert concert, the most popular music at the "Chengdu" and "Later" atmosphere. Liu Ruining, afraid of the cold scene on the stage, surrendered the microphone to the audience when he singled out many songs, laughing: "This song is for you".

Liu Ruoying sings Wuzhen Snow Night at the end of the year

Liu Ruoying sings Wuzhen Snow Night at the end of the year

In many of the "unpopular songs" by Liu Ruing, if one of the songs in Vuzen is mentioned, it is not "Evening". "In fact, I rarely come to you, I rarely recall you, and in the evening I think you will be strong and courageous."

When the big screen shot a classic fragment of "Water Years", the scene was for the first time after the age of 16, when the scene was played with "Miss Ying" and "Lady Ruining" on a dramatic pants dress, with the whole scene of the strong Vogue complex, sings.

In addition to the repertoire "Ending" by Liu Ruining, the Wuganchang "Bright Tree Lights" special for the Stratosphere of Wuengchang Orranj (Liu Ruoying fans), the fans photographed the milk-colored cartoons on the screen, and this song was shot in the night at night in Wuents Wuents walked with hot milk powder prepared for fans. The limited edition "Miss Ying" concert ended.

Liu Ruing: "It's not just the environment here, it's still a lot of emotions and warmth, my favorite people are here, each one's face is very satisfying – it's my biggest place."

As a representative of the tourist image of Wuzhen, Liu Ruing and Wuquen have been married for 16 years, and Wužen for Liu Ruing is an old friend, but a new manifestation of her old friend. "I watched Vucen Grand Theater for the first time in June last year, and when I came in, I said," I want to sing, I want to play, "which is very similar to the place in Europe, and it's like the Oscars Dolby Theater. The location is very comfortable, and the background equipment is also very good. " Returning to an old place in June 2017 "This year's" Vesen Concert "was filmed for Miss Ying, but he made all the hopes of this sentiment. Fan friends dreamed up to the end of 2018. (End)

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