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Marvel is attacking the first Chinese superhero. Netizens Wu Yanzu Waiting for Wu Jing Star – Nanning Evening News – Hanfeng Net

2018-12-05 14:17:37 Source: Nanning Evening News

Chinese Kung Fu Master «上 气»

According to media reports in Taiwan, Marvel Films introduced the Chinese, who had debated among Weibo users, Peng Yuxi, Wu Yanzu, Wu Jing, Zhang Jin and others. such as the superhero movie starring the actors, is planning to launch a Chinese film Shangqi-Shang-Chi. People.

According to history, Marvel Film is currently looking for Chinese director or Chinese director; the scenario is determined by Chinese-American Dave Callaham, whose works include Jean-Claude Wang Johnson and Gogilla's albums. Scenario of the first project "Spirit Woman Superman 1984", "Spider Man: New Universe 2" and "Death Body" is expected to avoid contemporary, western stereotypes.

The Shangqi angle was first created in December 1973 in the 15th edition of the "Specials Marvel Edition," created by Steve Engelhart and Jim Stalin, the son of the Manuscro Manouc, isolated from the world of growth and adopting early learning from Wushu. Even though it was a nanchaqu or a sword, it was difficult to beat her, she started acting for her father, and later learned that her father was a bad guy and stood up to fight.

Marvel Cinema is in the fourth stage of the world, and it can be seen that various roles and works, including Eternals, have been actively engraved by the Chinese director Zhao Ting and the first director of the Chinese fashion director, ADU director. Woman characters will have their own independent filmmaker and black widow's own film, and the audience will be able to see a variety of super-heroic movies. (小 文)

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