Friday , June 18 2021

"My Neighbor Totoro" publishes the latest version: The Gibli Beats Help – Japanese and Korean Comics – cnBeta.COM

The final countdown of the movie "My Neighbor Totoro" has come to an end since December 14.her

In this one-minute reminder, not only did his classic younger brother Xiaomey return to the stage, but Miyazaki's brush returned to the true beauty of the country, and his mother's true feelings were recorded to her mother. In the mysterious wooden pit, Dora Jazz Run, and the Totoro Bus and Hissaishi, always open the happy scores of the people during extreme situations.

"My Neighbor Totoro" has over 70,000 viewers not seen on the movie theater platform, as well as the pre-sales cash register, the Weibo themes list, and the Baidu Hot Search Index. , all other leading works should be provided.

You need to shoot the same movie

The disclosure announcement is the classic passage of the sparkling and lively sister Siaomei, who for the first time met Ma Meng's lazy cow cat. Xiaomei turns the soft and purple intestine of the torso and also warms the heart. In addition to HISAYISHI's lightweight and dynamic soundtrack, the Japanese open the golden path along the green hills with the Japanese, and the beautiful woods and rivers in the oil painting jumped into the family of three happy figures. Her sister, Xiaoyue's mother's love for her mother, has come to recollect the memories of children who are unique to the film and have been reunited for a long time. There is also a memorable picture of a quiet shinillas on the rainstorm and a shiny Sinchilla bus.

Heart Gives Thoroughbred Ghibli Welfare Premiere True Love powder

My Neighbor Totoro is not only one of the most important works of Miyazaki's directorial career as a classic animated film with a story, but also an important milestone in the creation of Ghibli studio. Since the film production process is complicated and the investment is large, Gibli once faced operational challenges. However, thanks to the warm and delicate emotional story of my neighbor Tookara and the new and purely unique style, the movie won the most important film of Japan and the 13th anniversary of the movie and attracted the production of dolls. The business partner, Gibli Totoro, sold peripheral products and sold it all over the world, helping Gibli's difficulties and focusing on creating animated films on this basis. Furri and the famous Totoro Gibli.

"My Neighbor Totoro" will be released on December 14.

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