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Peng Khosian's New Year comedy "Congratulations to the eight songs" Guest of Yan Tsyanki "Kuantai"


Original name: Peng Haoxiang New Year comedy "Congratulations to Yanuk poetry!" Jan Yangzi's young guest is "wider"

Ян Цианий «Eight poets congratulations»

Sohu Entertainment News Under the leadership of Peng Haoxiang, it was officially opened for the 22nd time on the eve of New Year. Yan Sianski, who had not been able to visit before, was amazed at the appearance of the guests and smiled: "Even if there is only one scene, I hope to participate." Peng Haoxiang and Yan Sianzi co-operate with the series of "Chunjiao", Peng: "Yan Tsiensi is a very good friend, he has always been my blessing." The film will appear in Hong Kong, China in spring 2019.

Chunjiao's return to Peng Haoxiang

Ян Цианси played a large-scale action "Congratulations to the Eight Songs", which was equal to the performance of Lian Tsiji, Chen Jing, Lin Zhadzhiya, Chen Iing and Ding Keksin. The story of the film "Congratulations of Eight Songs" and the story of Yang Sian in the table are not unexpectedly connected. At the time of the film, Yan Sianki dropped off with the latest shooting buses: no show, though, that he had "eight feminists", even laughing, "even if someone is in the air, with director Peng Huuxen." Scenes are all present. "

"Gold medal" Lin Hough went to the hotel

In addition to the fabulous guest of Yang Siang, Liang Luoshi returned to the film scene four years later and collaborated with Lanzhou again to Peng Haoxiang. Peng Houzyan says, "I am grateful to most of my friends who believe that I will congratulate Eight Pose, they are very loyal." 82-year-old veteran Kyan Xiang and the role of gold in the film, Lin Sue's miraculous appearance.

The New Year comedy "Congratulations to the eight poets" was officially murdered

At the ceremony, Peng Haoxiang co-starred Jan Kiany and Lin Hui as co-stars with Chen Tianchi and Chen Jenning, Liang Zhi, Chen Jing, Lin Ziaissie, Chen Ying, Ding Keksin, Syu Tianui and Chen Yuren, and officially joined the post-producer and publicity film.

The film "Congratulations on eight poets" will be released on the spring of 2019 in Hong Kong (China).Return to Sokhi and learn more

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