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Ping Super R6 won the Xu Wei Wang Mang leader who lost to the Heilongjiang home in the makeup match – Sohu Sports – Hanfeng Net


2018-11-22 22:56:19 Source: Sohu Sports

Original title: Ping Chao R6, who lost the match in the Heilongjiang match, was defeated by Xu Wei Wang Mean

On November 22, Beijing, Beijing, the sixth round of the first round of table tennis in the first round of the 2018-2019 season ended. Xailongjiang Zhongzhou, Kabul Yonggan Shanxi lost to the East China Institute of Technology 0-3 in Datche. After the sixth round, Shandong Lunen won the men's and women's teams, and Hw Wei and Wang Man won the first place in men's and women's ranking.

Heilongjiang Zhongguo sent Kabel Yonggang Feng Tianwei, Yuan Hyuyaiao and Liu Ming to fight, Feng Tianwei also played for Shanxi, a single and twice. Dadonghe East-China Institute of Technology is full of staff, Hu Limei and Che Xiaoying play singles, and Zhang Wei played fifth game and played a double loop with Van Xao / Mu Jinining.

In the first game, Feng Tyanwei met sharp player Hu Lime, not all odds for Feng Tianwei opponents, three games lost and 0-3 (3-11, 12-14, 9-11) lost. Competition.

In the second game, Yuan Hyuyao Ch Chooyu scored 11 to 9 points, while the home game Yuan Xuejiao was unable to withstand opponents of the car, poor returns 1-3 (11-9, 8-11, 8-11, 8-11), Heilongjiang team lost the second point.

The third match between Liu Ming and Feng Tianwei Wang Hao / Mu Jingxi was the opponent of Heilongjiang team: 0-2 (6-11, 9-11) lost two games and was big at home. The score was 0-3.

At the end of the six stages of the competition men's, Shandong Lunen, Bai Nanchang, Tianjin Kwangjiang, all five points and one negative score of 11 points, tied to first place, women, Shandong Luneng six games 12 points This won 5 wins in Qilu traffic and one of 11 points Deen Nine's Beijing Shangang record only three victories, three negative and 9 points, and the sixth rating.

According to individual ranking, from Shanghai, Zhongxing's Xu Wei 6 won the men's 4th loss and gained 207.25 points on the results of the season, with Liang Jingkun winning only 3 wins and 3 losses, but the seasonal trade results were 205 , 5 to the second place – Fan Zhendong and Ma Long took the third and fourth places. Women's Shandong Luneng Wang Mang won 8, ranking 252 points on the results of the season, 7 games in the Chen Meng season, 241 place on Zhu Yuling, Liu Shiwen and Ding Ning 3, 4 and 5.

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