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Prison guards are sent to Chongqing citizens – Xinhuanet

The Gangsters came out on the street with the knife and the judges were killed, and the passing prisoner Liu Yan, unfortunately, succumbed to the abusive hip and throat.

Prisoners are fighting pirates to make sacrifices


People want to say goodbye to the two sides of the road and say goodbye to the Chinese / Liu Yang

On the 22nd day, a court in the Nanchang District Court of Chongqing, Tian Xiao, was attacked by gangster on the street, died at the age of 23, and died at the age of 30. The Nanchang District Court of Chongqing City said the suspect was assigned to look for Zen and Tian Xiao was a judge. After the sacrifice of Liu Yang, many locals went to the scene to bid farewell.

A guard of prisoners and a gangster victim

On the 22nd afternoon, gangsters escaped with a knife and scattered around Tien Xiao, Nanchang District People's Court, near Wayne Road, in Nanchang District, Changchun, Changchun. A police officer from Nanchang Province Liu Yan and three others have been released. Gangster was beaten by Liu Yang's chest and knife and escaped from the scene.

A man familiar with this issue was informed by Beiging Daily that two of Liu Yan and his colleagues went out of the scene and immediately saw a person calling for help and immediately prosecuted the suspect. Recently, three people dropped out of the train and drove out the suspect, while Liu Yan, who was with the other pilot, was attacked and confined to suspicion, but, unfortunately, the suspect was beaten and his blood flow was low and he lost consciousness.

According to the Nanchang District People's Court, Judge Tian Xiao was admitted to the emergency department of the Nanchang District Hospital for immediate treatment and did not endanger life after treatment. Prison prisoner Liu Yan was injured in the chest and in the stomach and was in the hospital first. Chongqing Municipal Prison Administration took part in the 22nd document. The gangster police officers in jail! "Liu Yan's police have reportedly filed a blood donation to Liu Yang's blood transfusions because of blood loss, because blood type (blood type) caused the concern of the Nanchang Blood Bank.

But finally, Liu Yan was in the 30s of the second half of the 23rd day as a traitor to the desperate warrior, who, unfortunately, died of his injuries.

She is happy and is called "Big Brother"

Liu Yan was born in Chongqing in Lushan in May 1988. In September 2014, the Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security of Chongqing City Hall and the second prosecutor of the Nanchong Prison were sent to public service (Prison People's Police).

Xiaomi worked with Liu Yang. In 2010, Zheng Jiaomi, he was newly born, worked as a secretary in Chongqing, and in one group with Liu Yang. Xiaomi wrote to "Beiqing Daily": "Liu Yan Yan Li Yong was much older and stable in his work and became the leader of his team:" He usually takes care of all people, has a big brother who we call it "刘 大哥 & # 39; ; «.

Liu Yan plays basketball, plays powerfully, is very funny and loves to help people out of his work. After some time, five members of the group left the company and started working on various jobs, as he said to journalists, and communication gradually dropped. She also learned from other friends that Liu Yan had passed a public service exam in 2014 and was a police officer. "He is still a man who has a sense of justice, he is busy with other jobs, but only Liu Yan will be back to the police," said Siaomi.

On the 22nd day, Xiaomi saw a police officer suffering from a circle of friends but did not see the photo at that time, so she thought. Unless he saw the 23rd picture, he saw the guard, Liu Yan, who died: "It was amazing, I could not believe it, so strong, the day Lyu Yan leaves us."

In the media interview Liu Yan said that Liu Yan was very funny and usually working, and many colleagues thought he was a big brother.

The suspect was released from prison

At 22.15, the Nanchang District Police Department arrested the suspect Zang. The Nanchang District People's Court claimed that the suspect, Zeng Chuan, had been robbed and prosecuted for several years and had been quarantined for two years due to drug abuse.

The court announced that on 6 February 2017, Zeng Chuan was staying in the entrance to Zhangjiajiang, Nanchang District, Chongqing. On the same day, at 22 o'clock, the victim, who was hired by the family of Zencanana, went to the entrance to Janzhiasyan and then saw Zeng Chuan's eyes and then left … Zeng Chuan immediately drove him and hit him with a knife. When the master's head was damaged, Zeng Chuan used a knife to cut his right hand when he was covered with a hand. Zenchuan ran away from the stage. Nanchang District Public Security Bureau, Chongqing, was arrested on February 12, 2017 in Zangjiajiang, Nanchang District, where Zen Chuan was convicted. It was found that the victim was suffering from minor injuries.

The Nanchuan District Public Prosecutor's Office filed a lawsuit against the Nanchang District People's Court on May 31, 2017. After the court accepted the case, Tian Xiao was a presiding judge and created a collegiate team with two collegiums for hearing on the case. On August 15, 2017, the Nanchic Court ruled: The defendant Zeng Chuan was found guilty of complicity and was convicted for a year and nine months and was released on November 11, 2018.

Citizens send other characters

Yesterday afternoon, the body of Liu Yang returned to the Nanchang prison where he worked with a police car. The majority of Nanchang residents left the scene for a farewell. Ms. Cheng told Beiqing Daily that for the first time she had seen so many people, many people were standing on both sides of the road to buy white flowers and say good-bye to the characters.

The family video showed that the passengers were on the other side of the road, while a police car carrying Liu Yang's body was passing by, calling out to be "Liu Yang's hero, anyway", planning a farewell visit to the police.

At present, the police are investigating the case of the murderer Zengumu, and the Nanchang District Public Prosecutor's Office continues to investigate the case. (Reporter Li Tao Intern Zhazang Yuysi)

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